OctoBot is a Discord Bot that'l knock your socks off!

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Unlimited Features, Unlimited Fun

OctoBot has LOADS of cool features, almost all of them are free

Fast Response

Unlike most bots, OctoBot is hosted on high quality, fast servers for quick response times of guaranteed less than 2 seconds always.

99% Uptime

OctoBot is almost never offline, because of the high quality paid hosting.

Free to Use

OctoBot is a free access discord bot with tons of commands, and while you can upgrade to premium to help us make OctoBot Better, we are in the end free.

Utility Commands

We have over 10 different utility commands to help you manage and clean up your server.


Unlike most things on the internet, we don't take any data we don't need. At the moment, we don't take or store any data ANYWHERE, but in the future, we will start introducing saved information.

Moderation Commands

We have tons of moderation commands including Kick, Ban, Mute, and much more to keep your server safe and clean.


Here are the people who made it all possible!

Arya Sarukkai

Main Developer

Frying Pan

Secondary Developer
Frying Pan#1234

Andrew T.

Command Handler Developer

Andrew T ~~ WSRP OWNER ~~#1144


Secondary DEveloper

Coming Soon:

We plan to introduce lots of new things,
here are a few things that we are working on:
- AutoMod
     Automatically moderate your server to
     prevent raids and spam
- Bot Remover
     A system that has a user complete a
     captcha to confirm that they aren't a self
     -bot to join the server.

We  feedback!

Here are some methods to contact us: